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I am a photographer with an intense interest in the science of human emotion.

As a photographer, I’ve always been partial to documentary photography, for its natural beauty and close truth. I started out my teens with a modest darkroom in my basement and worked as the photo editor for the school newspaper. In college at UVa, I was the president of the Virginia Photography Club, worked with the Fashion Design Club as the Director of Photography, and held the office of Photography Editor for the Virginia Literary Review. It was during this time that my fashion portfolio erupted and my interest in studio work began.

As a scientist, I have been working for a few years in two psychology labs at UVa: the Child Study Center, which is focused on child development, and the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Lab, which is focused on the neuroscience of emotion. My personal research projects have been focused on the development of attention-based emotion regulation in very young infants. In particular, I use physiological measures see what kind of emotionally motivating stimuli infants instinctively attend to.

Where my interests collide is at the level of the documentary portrait. My goal in both research and photography is to hone in on people’s raw personality traits and knee-jerk emotional tendencies. This is no where more true than in my approach to family photography, which I see not only as a portrait of an infant or child, but as a documentation of a family, and how that family interacts together.

Written by catthrasher

March 17, 2009 at 5:55 am

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