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A winter session, outdoors, under giant, leafless Virginia trees

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I love living in Virginia for the fact that there are distinct seasons. In the spring, the air is full of sweet perfume, followed by the hot, hot summer, when things grow like crazy, punctuated by an August so muggy that walking outside feels like wading through a giant bowl of soup. Then comes the most beautiful fall season one could ever wish for, with dazzling colors and morning mist, reminding us, after the sticky summer, why we live here.

But it’s December now, and this is the season in Virginia with the least going on – so I thought. See, it gets very cold in Virginia during the winter, but it doesn’t snow a whole lot, which leaves very little reward for bearing the cold temperatures. We get a lot of cold rain, or sleet, or soggy snow that lasts for three days, mixes with the mud in the street, and tracks itself into everyone’s entryway. There’s not much fun in that.

But I’ve started to notice the fantastic Virginia trees! The same trees that are bursting green in the spring and turning bright red and yellow in the fall – in the winter, these trees turn into bony, prickly sculptures! With no leaves, all you see is the skeleton, with pointy branches, crisscrossing high in the sky.

For this family session that I recently had in Leesburg, not only did I get a beautiful, good-natured family to work with, but I got to take advantage of these giant winter sculptures!

Written by catthrasher

December 16, 2009 at 3:26 am

Posted in Family Portraits, VA

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